Programming with .Net - Interface with LCD 2.8'

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Programming with .Net - Interface with LCD 2.8'

Postby dragonx » Wed Oct 14, 2020 8:46 pm

I want to program an application with the language C# or to send Text and Image in the USB LCD 2.8' and so far the LCD is plug and work on my computer, after that I include the library LibUsbDotNet.dll but after that I need some guidelines how to sent text and image with the library or maybe someone car sent me samples on how to do it ... remember I don't want to install GOverlay to do this with a plugin but I want my application to sent all the information's directly to the LCD.

Ty very much.

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Re: Programming with .Net - Interface with LCD 2.8'

Postby Yakpimp » Thu Mar 11, 2021 8:17 pm

I came here looking for existing work that someone might have done in this same space. Really I was looking for a plugin example in C# that I could leverage to build some custom info screens for myself.

I do like the idea of cutting out the GOverlay app since I don't need most of the features.

I was able to successfully get a plugin built using C# and while I don't have the device yet (just ordered) it loads correctly in the app and the options and name and everything seem to show up as expected. I'll create a git repo for it soon as I refine it a bit more.

I think if you want to remove the requirement for GOverlay you will probably have to dissasemble the app itself and understand what it's doing with the LibUsbDotNet.dll. It's a decent sized app so it's going to take a bit of effort to find the necessary code that handles interfacing with the device though. My suggestion is load up the dll and the app in ILSpy and see if you can find where the app calls into functions exposed in LibUsbDotNet. I expect if you can get the bare minimum setup you can probably build you own little app around presenting to the screen that uses a lot less memory than the 80+ MB GOverlay currently uses on my system.

Good luck!

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