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Info regarding new purchases

Postby TheLaGmAn » Mon Nov 02, 2020 8:22 pm

There has been a lot of demand on purchases for the 3.5'' display and the listing on ebay is currently inactive, until the manufacturer solves the issue, he has requested me to set up a selling point on the GOverlay website.

The purchases go thru PAYPAL and the manufacturer will gather those orders and ship them.
Since we set up this as soon as we could there has been some issues on the site after the purchase (nothing regarding payment issues, just lack of information on the process, 404 page after the purchase was done, etc), but if your payment went thru on paypal it means the manufacturer got the order.

One thing to keep in mind is that since we are using paypal as the sales point, the shipping method used for shipment is the one provided during the paypal checkout process, so make sure the shipping address selected there is correct and that is indeed provided.

We will try to work on communication on this orders that go directly thru paypal instead of ebay since there is no "order status" on our site to follow up the order status.
You can always send a message directly to the manufacturer at (always remember to provide the email of your paypal account, which is the easiest way to find your order).

You can always post here as well but keep in mind that GOverlay does not ship the product nor manufactures it nor handles the payments for them, this is all done by coldtears electronics, so my help is usually asking the manufacturer and relaying the message to you.
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Re: Info regarding new purchases

Postby stargate75 » Fri Sep 15, 2023 1:14 pm

I have made a order at 31.07.2023 and i still not receive my package

Edit: Got the package today

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