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Requesting Support

Postby TheLaGmAn » Wed Feb 26, 2014 8:32 pm

For Software issues:
You can contact us thru email at
You can post in the corresponding forum, please specify the product you have if there are multiple versions available for the model.

For GOverlay:
You can try the latest BETA available, we have a long run of Betas that havent yet made it to final release, so some of the bugs you might encounter might already be fixed on a BETA.

For GOverlayPlus:
Its always best to ensure you have the lastest DeviceAPP (You can check it in the WebPortal under devices), and the latest DeviceOS.
Update to the DeviceAPP can be done from within the WebPortal and DeviceOS updates can be done thru the device itself.

For Sales:
You can contact the manufacturer directly at

For RMA or Shipping:
You can contact the manufacturer directly at
We encourage this method because we at Goverlay do not manufacture the units and do not receive the money from the sales, this all goes directly to the manufacturer

When direct support is required
In some cases, where we can not reproduce the issue, we might ask for a remote session to check the issue while you are the computer, we usually use AnyDesk or Teamviewer for this.
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